Dennistoun Diggers

Dennistoun Community Garden

Dennistoun Community Garden

Glasgow, Scotland 17 Nov 2011

Dennistoun Diggers are a small community-based gardening project in the East End of Glasgow. The community garden is in the grounds of a block of flats, run by Milnbank Housing Association, in the Dennistoun district of Glasgow.

The group was founded in August 2010 by local residents interested in learning how to grow their own organic vegetables and planting started in earnest in February of 2011. Fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, broad beans, kale and spinnach have been grown this year and a variety of other plants and flowers have been collected to enhance the appearance of the garden.

Recycled materials are used where possible in the garden, even using old car tyres as planters and making compost from organic waste. A polytunnel has been added using a frame constructed from recycled hazel and willow branches supplied by the Urban Roots organisation from a wood in Toryglen.

Work in the garden is seasonal and, weather permitting, carried out on a Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon with the volunteers dropping in whenever they are able.

As well as the community garden the group also organises local craft fairs.

Dennistoun Community GardenDennistoun Community Garden

The group has links to the Transitions Movement. Other projects being looked at are film showings and talks covering environmental issues and courses for people who wish to try growing their own produce and exchange tips and ideas.

Dennistoun Community Garden

Small projects such as this show that it is easier than many people may think, even in the middle of large urban areas, to start growing even a little of their own produce without needing to have access to large areas of land. Even a space like the back court of a tenenment block is ideal for arranging a few planters provided there is enough sunlight light and many local authorities are increasingly willing to provide suitable disused land for growing vegetables.

Understandably growing of any vegetables tends to taper off in the winter months though from February 2012 this blog will provide occasional updates on the Dennistoun Community garden.

Whether a seasoned gardener or absolute beginner, anyone is welcome to go along and get involved with the garden project in any way they can and for however much time they are able to commit.

More images of Dennistoun Community garden can be found at and are available to licence for editorial use.

For more information or to contact Dennistoun Diggers, visit the website:

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