Glasgow Rush Hour

Charing Cross Underpass at Evcening Rush Hour

Charing Cross Underpass at Rush Hour. Glasgow, Scotland - December 2011

Photograph of the M8 Motorway at Charing Cross in Glasgow with the Mitchell Library on the right. This image was taken during the evening rush hour following some snowfall. I had hoped to get a photograph with some snow buildup on the shoulder however the snow did not last very long. Alas though the only aspect of the Scottish weather that can be relied upon is that it will be unreliable. However the wet road created reflection from the headlamps which gave the images the impression of wet weather. Due to the lack of an umbrella I had to cut my session short for the sake of my camera when a heavy snow shower started.

The following image is of the motorway offramps below St Vincent Street and the approach to the Kingston Bridge.

Motorway Offramp

Motorway Offramp Below Charing Cross in Glasgow, Scotland

Both of these images are available to licence or purchase as prints from Dunmaglas Photography.

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