Supreme Nature 52 – Week 5

Bridge over abandoned railway line near Hogarth Park in Glasgow, Scotland

Bridge over abandoned railway line

This week’s photograph was taken on the abandoned railway line near Hogarth Park which borders the districts of Dennistoun and Carntyne in Glasgow, Scotland.

The route is completely overgrown with trees and bushes on the other side of the bridge under Cumbernauld Road  so it was as far as I was able to venture – stopped in my tracks by the supremacy of nature (besides it gave me the creeps)!

A fox trail runs along this section and it seems, from the footprints in the mud under and around the bridge, the foxes always walk on exactly the same path under it. I only saw one fox, later on in Hogarth Park itself, but unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to get a photograph of it – even urban foxes seem to be very timid so next time I will need to wait patiently and still with a telephoto lens to capture one.

The railway tracks have been removed a long time ago and very little clear evidence remains of the existence of a railway line except for the design of the bridges and some ballast stones left underneath them. Looking more closely at the walls and topography of the embankments, as well as studying a map from Jowett’s Railway Atlas, it seems that this line was once part of the Caledonian Railway Switchback (Wikipedia Entry), running between London Road Junction in Bridgeton and Blackhill Junction near Blochairn (both of which are also no longer in existence).  Much of this route has now been built over with the M8 – M80 motorway interchange and the surrounding roads to the north, as is  evident from satellite images (on which the trees that line the railway embankment can be easily identified) and to the South by The Forge Shopping Centre mall and other developments in Parkhead.

What remains of the route has been overgrown with trees, bramble (blackberry) bushes and an assortment of wild flowers. It clearly isn’t a place one would want to venture alone late in the evening so I took the opportunity to explore it for photo opportunities early in the morning.

Find the location of this image on Google Earth: 55 51 50.35 N 4 11 49.42 W

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