Supreme Nature 52 – Week 9

Gnarly roots on a granite monument in Glasgow Necropolis

Gnarly roots on a granite monument

Well the Supreme Nature 52 project has now reached week nine, how time flies. It seems like only the other week since I photographed the heron catching a perch up on the canal at Port Dundas, on a hot sunny day that we have very few of in Glasgow since.

This week’s post shows a tree root system that has grown through the stepped plinth of one of the monuments in Glasgow Necropolis – the “City of the Dead”. The Victorian cemetery is the resting place of many of Glasgow’s most famous merchants of the industrial revolution, the size and design of the graves and monuments testimony to their wealth.  There is also a column monument to John Knox in the Necropolis.

Situated on a hill behind Glasgow Cathedral and bordering the Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery, the Necropolis offers spectacular views across the city from the Cathkin Braes right across to Renfrewshire.


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