Looking for Stock Images of Glasgow?

If you need contemporary photographs of specific places in Glasgow (buildings, street scenes, urban environment, etc) but you cannot find what you are looking for and don’t have the budget to hire a photographer for a shoot there are other options.

Provided you do not require exclusive use of the images you are looking for, I can take photographs to add to the Dunmaglas Photography website from where you will be able to purchase them at standard stock rates for your required use, or alternatively we may be able to negotiate a fee for your image licence. Exclusive use can also be catered for provided you are happy for the images to be licenced to third parties once your licence period has expired.

Even if you don’t have specific images you need to use at present, but have any suggestions for image subjects to be added to the stock  archive these will be most welcome. You can contact me with your suggestions via the Dunmaglas Photography website contact page. As a thank you for your feedback you will receive a voucher code to redeem 5% off any online purchases of stock licences or prints from the website.

To help with finding images of Glasgow more easily you can also use the Dunmaglas Photography virtual agency site “Glasgowstock” at http://www.photoshelter.com/va-show/V0000l6Me1Orrz8w


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