Crowdfunding An Exhibition – Please Support if You Can or Spread the Word

I am organising an exhibition of ten framed photograph prints within an antiques market in Glasgow to run for three months from September and seeking to finance the exhibition costs through crowdfunding.

The full amount of £2,000 GBP needed must be pledged by 17:00 BST on Thursday 15th August in order to receive any funding. More information on how to pledge – anything from £5 to £250 or more can be found, along with a slideshow of some of the shortlisted images,  on the Crowdfunder page at

Even if you are unable to contribute financially then sharing a link via social media (Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, etc) will be helpful and gratefully appreciated. Please also take some time to consider other crowdfunding pitches as well, there are some fantastic projects seeking to raise capital.

The finance raised will be used to produce ten framed prints for the exhibition – which will be made up professionally using premium archival materials to produce studio prints, as well as the cost of the exhibition space, insuring the exhibits, promotional costs associated with the exhibition and thank-you gifts for those pledging support. Any surplus pledges will be put towards investment in additional exhibitions or production of prints to display in cafes or restaurants depending how much is left over. The intention is to produce archival lambda (C-Type) photographic prints which, according to the printers, have a display lifespan of up to 56 years (100 years in dark storage) without fading, though if funding target is sufficiently exceeded, giclee prints may be opted for, which have a display lifespan up to 100 years (200 years in dark storage). The prints are quality checked by the printer at every stage of the production process and digital files are checked prior to printing, hence a much higher production cost than print-on-demand items. The printing lab has a policy of carefully recycling all of its chemicals and materials.

The exhibition space is within an antiques market and so will attract a discerning clientele of potential buyers. As such the quality of display items produced will need to be impeccable. Visitors to the exhibit will be able to purchase prints of the photographs displayed either framed or unframed. The prints will be offered for sale as open editions. Though I had considered the possibility of limited editions I feel that this goes against the grain of democratisation of photography and art and edition limits would not necessarily sell out anyway.

I am passionate about protecting the marine environment and intend to focus more of my photography in this area in the coming years. In line with this 10% of the gross profits (sale price less production costs) from any prints sold via the exhibition (and other displays set up with any surplus pledge funding) will be donated – split between three marine and conservation related charities – the RNLI, the Marine Conservation Society and Sea Changers. So by pledging you will potentially be helping contribute to stewardship of the coastal environment both in the UK and further afield as well as supporting lifeboat crews in their work.

If the exhibition proves a success I intend to extend the rental of the display space for a further three months from December (though this would be financed by reinvesting profits from the initial three months) and organise similar events at additional venues in Glasgow and London (and possibly other cities) in the future, as well as getting images into cafes and other appropriate businesses.

The intention is to use the highest quality materials and professional printing services I have been able to source and I have opted to use one of the UK’s leading exhibition photographic printing and framing companies. The slideshow presents a selection of the images that I have shortlisted for the exhibit though the selection has not yet been finalised.

All those who pledge will have their name and city included in an alphabetical list of contributors on display with the exhibition. Amounts pledged will not be stated though.

Everyone pledging five pounds will receive a one time 10% discount of an online purchase from the Dunmaglas Photography website. Everyone pledging ten pounds or more will receive a thank-you card coupon code that they and their friends can use to claim a 10% discount on an unlimited number of purchases from the website for up to twelve months. Other pledge gifts are as listed on the Crowdfunder page and all pledge amounts over £10 include the 10% discount for twelve months.

Other pledge rewards are listed on the Crowdfunder page at

The venue and opening date will be posted once funding has been confirmed and everything is finalised.


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