Supreme Nature 52 – Week 18

Pump house building at Govan Graving Docks in Glasgow, Scotland

Govan Graving Dock

This week’s photograph is the derelict pump house building at Govan Graving Docks in Glasgow, Scotland. The quay has become almost completely overgrown with a variety of trees and bushes.

Once capable of accommodating the largest ships in the world, the dry docks here have been abandoned since the late 1980s and a number of proposed redevelopment projects have not come to fruition. This is the only building that remains – all the other dockside buildings having been demolished. Ships were floated into the dock and the water pumped out to allow ship workers access for painting and repair work underneath the hulls. The steps to provide workers access are seen on the quay wall in front of the pump house. This is one of the two smaller of three parallel docks here (all currently filled with water) and the other two have less steep, stepped quay walls with stairwells running through the quays for access to the dock floors. The depth markers at the lock gates of this dock indicate the water is over fifteen feet deep. The gates have gangways for access to the quays of adjacent docks and though they appear to be largely intact, I had absolutely no intention of putting their structural integrity to the test!

The quay walls are constructed from large granite blocks which apart from growth of vegetation are in perfect condition and the docks would probably last as long as the pyramids of Egypt if left untouched.


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