Supreme Nature 52 – Week 20

Rainbow Above the Hydro Arena

Rainbow Above the Hydro Arena

A perfect example of being in exactly the right place at the right time, this week’s image is of a bright rainbow above the newly constructed Hydro Arena near the waterfront at Finnieston Quay in Glasgow, Scotland. The clearest rainbow I have seen in quite a while.

I had just gone in to the main exhibition centre building concourse to escape a rain shower and use the facilities and when I came outside again I was greeted by this amazing sight in the sky as the clouds broke. I quickly scrambled to get my camera out of its bag and luckily had a few minutes opportunity to capture this rare moment before it faded away.

A combination of wind and gathering clouds meant my shooting for the rest of the evening (which I’d already changed due to the weather forecast) didn’t go exactly to plan but with rare sights like this one I can hardly complain.

This image is available to licence for editorial use from Dunmaglas Photography.


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