New Look New Website…

…and a new logo.


The revamped Dunmaglas Photography website is now live and as well as having a completely new appearance, using the Photoshelter Beam platform and a redesigned logo, the image galleries have been rearranged to make urban images of Glasgow and London more prominent. The original galleries have been retained for the time being and can be found in the Stock Archive from the All Galleries option under the Archive menu but will be extensively edited in due course.

The photography on the website will now focus primarily on the urban environment, architecture and environmental issues as well as capturing the co-existence of nature with the built environment. The close up details of urban features will be looked at as well as the overall cityscapes – from paving blocks to sprawling vistas. The photography will also aim to convey concepts of sustainable development in the urban environment and look at how attitudes to urban planning and uses of the spaces are changing. Additionally the focus will be on editorial, travel themed and abstract/conceptual images.

Limited edition fine-art photography prints are to be introduced from 2014 with usually one new limited edition print being added each month. Further information about this, including pricing and editions sizes, will be posted on the blog in due course.

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