Office Decor / Business Customers

Dunmaglas Photography is offering tailored packages to businesses such as interior designers, business centres and property management companies to supply decor photographic prints to their clients or tenants.

A full individual service package means you will be able to take advantage of a more diverse product offering than is available with the print on demand sales via the website. Anything from small framed prints to a mural can be catered for and as well as offering prints of the archive images bespoke commissions can also be undertaken.

Ideal for new office facilities, businesses that are locating to a new office or those who are giving their place of business a makeover.

To find out more or to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements please get in touch.

Dunmaglas Photography offers prints on the following core subject themes:

  • Urban nature
  • Close up urban details with shallow depth of field
  • Urban features at night with background out of focus (e.g. sign posts, litter bins, seats, etc)
  • Urban scenes and cityscapes
  • Skylines
  • Architectural details
  • Night scenes
  • Low angle urban shots
  • Close up of urban features with buildings and/or crowds in the background rendered out of focus
  • Urban images with a sense of mystery, out of place, not obvious where they are
  • Bringing beauty out of urban grit

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