Earn Commission on Referrals of Stock Images and Prints

The Dunmaglas Photography sales referral scheme is open to applications from individuals and businesses interested in promoting sales of prints and stock image licences. Referrers can promote the site to friends, family, clients, customers, colleagues, through social media, web links, etc. Commission will be paid on the value of all purchases made from the Dunmaglas Photography website by referred customers.

Enquiries are particularly sought from business services providers, such as office interior designers, property managers and commercial estate agents, interested in promoting sales of office decor products to their customers/tenants.

The only restriction is that referrers must not use bulk-spam, telephone canvassing, door-to-door selling or other dubious sales tactics to promote the site.

Referrers are each given an unique referral code that customers can use to claim a discount on their purchases. Customer use of the code is tracked to determine who has referred them in order to calculate commissions.

If you are interested in applying to join the referral scheme, please get in touch through the website to request further information on commission rates and full terms and conditions, indicating in your message how and where you intend to promote the site (and where applicable the nature of products and services you intend to promote in conjunction with) if accepted.

Applications to join the referral scheme will not be accepted from anyone involved in any of the following:

  • Age-restricted businesses or material such as “adult” services or online gambling
  • Content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise derogatory, prejudicial or exploitative  in nature
  • “Pay day” loan providers and financial claims (e.g. PPI reclaim) handlers
  • Production and distribution of weapons
  • Online pharmacies
  • Political organisations or religious cults
  • MLM or pyramid marketing schemes

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