Supreme Nature 52 – Week 43

Stone Circle in Sighthill Park in Glasgow, Scotland

Sighthill Stone Circle

Well this weeks image represents yet another tale of defeat at the hands of the Scottish weather.  The stone circle in Sighthill Park in Glasgow.

With  a bright spell seemingly emerging from the South I negotiated my way through what was practically a swamp to  reach the stone circle. However by the time I reached it the wind had changed direction and the black clouds that I mistakenly thought were clearing to the North were suddenly overhead and so I stood, in the middle of the stones, at the mercy of a sudden torrential rain and hail shower. With my camera wrapped in the very latest in high-tech polythene weather protection  (i.e. a clear plastic bag and a rubber band!) I managed to get a few shots of the stone circle before the hail was blowing straight into my face,  confusing the camera’s autofocus and then blurring the lens. With my weatherproofing innovation tested to its absolute limit and no sign of the downpour subsiding any time soon I was forced to retreat and seek shelter to pack up my gear. So the day’s shooting ended with a dry camera at least but a somewhat soaked photographer 😦

The Sighthill Stone Circle was built in the 1970s and is the first astronomically aligned stone circle to be built in the British Isles in over 3,000 years. It is situated on one of the highest points in Glasgow with spectacular views on a clear day (i.e. not today) of the Campsie Fell to the North and right across the South and West of the city.


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