Sponsor Photos – Support Crowdfunded Free to Use Educational Images

Red Road demolition free personal and online editorial use - stock images from Dunmaglas Photography

Red Road demolition free personal, educational and online editorial use

Dunmaglas Photography is offering a new way for customers and followers to support free-to-use images for editorial, personal and educational purposes via an ongoing archive sponsorship programme.

Each week a new image gallery from the chronological archive will be added to the programme and posted on the blog to encourage sponsorship pledges provided at least ten people or organisations have sponsored the previous week.

To start the sponsored free-use programme the entire Red Road flats demolition series from 2012 (50 images) is being made available from today. Next week galleries will start to be added from the beginning of the chronological archive (thus the number of images added each week will vary) on Monday.

You may download and use the images free of charge for online editorial, educational/academic and other non-commercial purposes including making individual prints for your own private use.

The sponsorship revenue will enable included images to be used free of charge for online editorial, personal and educational use and both individuals and businesses are invited to make sponsorship pledges. If this proves successful the number of galleries added each week will be increased and may eventually be rolled out to the entire Dunmaglas Photography image archive over the next few months.

Sponsorship/gratuity payments are invited via the Paypal buttons below and this will be included on the blog post each week. You can enter the amount you want to pledge in the Paypal screen. You can also make repeat payments if you so wish and thus continue to support the sponsored free-use programme.


Downloading Images

The images will be available at 1500 pixels on the longest side. To download them you will need to visit the relevant galleries at http://www.dunmaglas.co.uk and you can do so by clicking on the blog image. On the individual image display pages – click Add to cart and select Personal Use  (zero priced) under Downloads. You will need to enter your e-mail address to download but don’t worry you won’t get any emails persuading you to buy commercial image licences, prints, life insurance, online casino chips, pharmaceuticals or anything else (at least not from Dunmaglas Photography anyway)!

You will go through the regular Photoshelter ordering checkout process but no payment will be collected (no credit card or other details required) and you will receive a zero-amount invoice just as confirmation of no charge.


Supporting Free Use

You can use the Subscribe button to set up an ongoing weekly payment of £1.50 and/or the Buy Now to sponsor one-off or larger amounts. Payments will be made via Paypal (from your Paypal account or debit/credit card) to Dotcomhere Media Limited. If you later wish to cancel a weekly payment at any time you can do so via Paypal or send a cancellation request to dunmaglas@dotcomhere.com.


Single payments  of your chosen amount:

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.


Regular payment of £1.50 GBP Per week:

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.


Please contact dunmaglas@dotcomhere.com if you want to set up a regular sponsorship payment of a larger amount or sponsor via means other than Paypal.


User Trust

It is taken on trust that printed media publishers of integrity who download the free-to-use images will donate a similar amount to what they would normally pay freelance photographers for a non-exclusive, rights managed editorial licence for their intended use. It is also taken on trust that corporate users of web based editorial images will make at least a nominal donation or credit for each separate publication. It is also taken on trust that you will notify Dunmaglas Photography by e-mail of where and when you intend to publish images.

It is hoped this will help support free use of images by small independent media websites, community publications, educational establishments, students and non-profit organisations.


Sponsor List

A list of the names of sponsors will be published on the blog each week. This will be an alphabetical list with no indication of pledge amounts. Please contact via email if you do not wish your name or the name of your organisation to be added to this list.


Permitted Use of Images

If you are using the free images please be aware that you are still bound by the standard terms and conditions of use and by the act of downloading images you explicitly imply that you have read, understood and contractually agree to them.

Images may be used worldwide for editorial, educational, academic and personal material that is not offered for sale

  • Online editorial publications of any nature
  • Printed community / non-profit newsletters and similar publications
  • Free newspapapers with only local circulation
  • Educational establishments,  single-class educational materials, student/postgraduate research projects and all other academic uses
  • Personal use such as PC desktop background, screensavers, individual prints for private use at home, personal blogs

Providing an image credit wherever you are using images will be much appreciated 🙂


Excluded Uses

The following uses are expressly not permitted. Use of images in such way may constitute copyright infringement and/or breach of contract and damages may be sought in such instance. Furthermore commercial (i.e. advertising) use of images intended for editorial purposes may constitute violation of third-party rights for which you will be solely liable. Online publication that is not permitted will be reported to website hosts and ISPs.

  • Commercial or advertising use of any kind including e-commerce sites and corporate promotional material
  • Textbooks or other books, newspapers, magazines or printed material that is for sale
  • Trade magazines, journals and similar publications even if they are distributed free
  • Production of prints for sale to third parties or use of prints for display in any business premises or public venues
  • Websites or blogs that contain inappropriate material or otherwise violate standard licence terms on acceptable use
  • Any publication use by government departments other than education and health authorities
  • Use in political campaigns, lobbying or propaganda material of any nature except by prior arrangement

Please email for advice if you are in any doubt about permitted uses.


Promoting Use of this Resource

It is hoped that this resource will be widely used especially in educational establishments, charities and other non-profit organisations. The aim is to make images available to those with limited or no budgets but in a way that discourages image theft (and still enables photographers to eat!). I don’t want people to sponsor a scheme that isn’t really delivering anything so if you are involved with a school, college, university, charity, non-profit organisation, community group and others that fall within the scope of permitted use (or if you know anyone who is) then please let them know about this resource and help encourage its use. Share this blog post with your academic departments, throughout your organisations and wider networks. Link this post on your own blog, Tweet/RT it, share it on Facebook  (and by all means use the images in your projects).


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