Stock Images of Glasgow and London – Free Archive Search Service

The Dunmaglas Photography image archive contains several thousand images with by far the largest collections being of architecture, urban scenes and cityscapes in Glasgow and London.

Searching through image galleries can be time consuming so if you have a specific subject, scene or location in mind you can quickly email a search request to I will search the archive for you (which I know the content of pretty well anyway), including images that are not live on the website and provide you with a list of images that may suit your requirements.

At present this service is completely free of charge however if using it please consider making a gratuity to support the free educational image use programme >>

Please specify in your email the maximum number of search results you would like to see. These will be added to a lightbox for you to view online.

If there are no images in the archive to meet your needs and your deadline isn’t urgent then the subjects you seek could be photographed and added to the archive. This would give you the benefits of an assignment photo-shoot but at right-managed stock licence rates. If you require exclusive use then images can be licenced on this basis though this may also involve a fee for shooting time.

For more information please contact


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