Editorial Licenses Only Online

Thursday 19 June 2014 – change to licences available online from Dunmaglas.co.uk

As of today rights-managed stock images from the Dunmaglas Photography website will only be available to purchase online and download for editorial uses.

Images that are suitable will still be available for all forms of commercial licensing however buyers will need to contact directly to discuss rates and licence terms.

This is intended to ensure a more tailored service can be rendered to commercial buyers as well as ensuring they have the necessary usage rights in place thus minimising risk. It also means that exclusive commercial licences will be able to be granted more easily.

In the case of images that depict recognisable properties and signage we may also be able to help with seeking a property release from the owner, if you absolutely require this for your specific use, once a licence agreement has been made in principle. Blanket prearranged releases are currently not supplied for any images available from Dunmaglas Photography. However this will mean a specific release can be sought for your individual use thus giving you greater peace of mind.

A small number of royalty-free images are still available to licence online and download for commercial use.

Customer licensing enquiries should be directed in the first instance to dunmaglas@dotcomhere.com


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