Limited Time Offer – Ready-to-Hang Premium Alumini Print


Black and white monochrome photograph - City centre traffic in the international financial services district IFSD in Glasgow, Scotland - limited time offer Alumini print from Dunmaglas Photography

City Centre traffic in Glasgow, Scotland

A street scene in the International Financial Services District (IFSD) in Glasgow City Centre. Part of the “Glasgow 5.6” Projects Series.

For a limited time only, until 9pm on Sunday (26th October 2014), this photograph is available to purchase as a 30″ x 20″ Alumini print with 25% discount.

The 20×30 Alumini print products, only available for a small selection of the Dunmaglas Photography archive, are normally priced at £520. However until Sunday this print is offered at £390 – that’s a 25% discount. After that it will only be available as a standard photographic print or a bespoke product again.

As a bonus gift you will also be sent a 12″ x 8″ photographic print of this photograph (normally priced at £14), signed on the back by the photographer, as a thank-you for your purchase.

Printing is done on our behalf by Loxley Colour (based near Glasgow) with a unique aluminium image transfer process using the latest high definition printing technology. So you can be sure of a top-quality product.

Alumini prints are  ready-to-hang, durable, waterproof, scuff resistant and can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth. They will last for many years and make a great investment.

Alumini prints require no framing and are a stylish and contemporary borderless format ideal for home, office or gallery display.

Place your order before 9pm on Sunday to take advantage of this offer >>

10% of the sale price of Alumini prints sold under this offer will be donated to support marine conservation work.

(Offer applies only to the photograph shown. Orders must be placed before 21:00 GMT on Sunday 26th october 2014.)




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