Order Proof Prints Before Making a Larger Purchase

It is not always easy to tell exactly what a photograph viewed on a monitor will look like in print.

If you are considering purchasing one of the higher priced items from Dunmaglas Photography you may be uncertain about what the quality of the print will be like and as such you may have reservations about making a purchase online of a product that you have not physically seen.

You may want to consider purchasing a small proof print first in order to see the quality of prints that are produced. Proof prints are 4″x6″ photographic prints and priced at £1.50 each + postage. These prints are of the same quality,  using the same paper types as the standard photographic prints available to order online from www.dunmaglas.co.uk

All printing is done professionally by one of the UK’s leading photographic printing experts – Loxley Colour based near Glasgow.

Please get in touch if you are considering a purchase of a higher priced prints from Dunmaglas Photography and would like to obtain proof prints prior to committing to your purchase.


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