Notice of Changes to Dumaglas Photography Image Licence Terms Due to #VATMESS #Omnishambles

As a result of the new EU VAT rules covering electronic services the following amendments have been made to the terms and conditions of sales from

Personal Use of Images:
Business to Consumer (B2C) image downloads are covered by the conditions of the free personal use download provision. Since they are free of charge they do not fall within the scope of the VAT regulations.

Editorial Licences:
When procuring image licences from the website and making immediate payment online you understand and agree that you are making an offer of payment in exchange for an editorial reproduction rights licence granted under the stated terms and for the period of licence at the quoted fee. Commercial use licences (e.g. product and advertising) are granted only by prior arrangement and quotations cannot be obtained online.

Dotcomhere Media Limited, as the managing agent of reproduction rights of all content available from, reserves the right to decline to grant a reproduction rights licence to any person or organisation for any reason and may do so in respect of any reproduction rights licence purchase offer made online by issuing a full refund of payment. Further you may not publish any images until you have replied to an email sent ‘in person’ confirming that your licence purchase offer has been agreed to, stating that you confirm you wish to enter into the licence agreement*. The licence fees quoted online are generated by Fotoquote based on market price data. We reserve the right to charge a different reproduction licence fee than that quoted. The fees quoted online are also valid for licence purchase offers made in person.

The image file that customers may download after purchasing a reproduction rights licence is provided free of charge as a supplement to the reproduction rights licence (and can also be supplied as an attachment to a personally addressed e-mail or on physical media upon request). You may retain the image file for reference once your licence has expired provided that you notify us by email of your intention to do so and that you do not publish it in any format without purchasing a new licence or an extension of your licence. You may not share the image file with any third-party, other than as part of the process of creating the material for which you have been granted licence to publish it in, without written consent.

Please get in touch if you are uncertain of the implications of these changes. If you are resident in a European Union member other than the United Kingdom please send an e-mail enquiry prior to making any offer to purchase an image licence.

*Customers in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Japan and British Overseas Territories are exempt from this requirement and may use images immediately once payment has been made.

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