Urban Photography Magazine Now on Sale #DunmaglasMagazine

A new photography magazine from Dunmaglas Photography, titled Second City: Urban Photography, is on sale from today.

Volume 1 can now be previewed and orderered from Blurb – http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/6111744-second-city

Second City: Urban Photography magazine presents a collection of volumes of urban photography works, primarily of Glasgow. Glasgow was known colloquially as the Second City of the[British] Empire at one time, hence the title. The photography also depicts some of the less obvious scenes of the city.

Each new volume of Second City: Urban Photography will present a selection of photographs from the Projects Galleries series from Dunmaglas Photography. Over time you will be able to build the collection for your bookshelf, coffee table or reception area.

New volumes of Second City will normally be released monthly, though there may occasionally be supplemental or bi-monthly issues. Because this is a print-on-demand and electronic magazine all volumes will remain on sale even after subsequent volumes have been released.


Magazine Sponsorship

Sponsor listings will be available in the magazine from Volume 2 due to be released on 21st of May. For further information about sponsor listing options please refer to Page 20 of this month’s issue or email dunmaglas@dotcomhere.com



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