Crowd Funding an Exhibition of Prints in London #DunmaglasExhibit

Street Scene on Cadogan Street in the International Financial Services District Glasgow, Scotland

Street Scene in Glasgow, Scotland


I am planning to display a selection of premium quality prints of my photography work at an exhibition in Shoreditch in East London during August 2015. For this I am seeking to raise £1,500 to cover the cost of printing, venue hire and rewards for those who are supporting my exhibition via Crowdfunder.

The images displayed at the exhibition will be three or more Alumini (aluminium) prints, at 16″ x 24″, selected from the Projects Galleries series on my website. These will be selected ahead of the exhibition but will likely include a mix of photographs of both Glasgow and London.

The Projects Galleries collections are of urban and street scenes composed in a particular style. The images are primarily a hybrid of documentary photography and abstractions of urban scenes. Many of the scenes are compressed and/or use shallow depth of field and composed with telephoto lenses. This is to exaggerate the sense of scale and urban density and also to focus close-in on the scenes – leaving the viewer to form their own impression of what lies beyond the scene or in the out-of-focus areas. Most of the work is done in black and white so as not to distract from the forms and the mood of the scenes.

10% of the net profits from the exhibition will be donated to support marine conservation work.

The number of prints displayed will depend on the total amount raised. £1,500 will enable me to display three prints each 16″x24″. Larger amounts will allow me to display up to six in the available space.

To find out more about how to pledge and claim rewards  visit the Crowdfunder page…


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