Pay What You Want for Photos

Reflection of sandstone building on a modern office

Dunmaglas Photography is expanding the “free” for personal use images to the entire archive at Full resolution files are also now available under the personal use licence.

You can use downloaded images to make prints for use at home or gifts for friends and family provided you do not sell them. You can even put them on a memory stick to take to a professional printing service anywhere in the world.

You can also use the images on blogs provided you embed the watermarked photo from the website gallery (by right clicking to get the image URL).

To make this sustainable we have introduced a pay what you want “honesty box” option. Even if you are not downloading any photos, you can still use this as a pay it forward option or as a way to sponsor the service, so people who otherwise could not afford to buy photos can download them without having to pay anything.

To contribute simply click on the buy now button below and enter your chosen amount, based on what you think your use of the photo is worth (or how much you would like to sponsor), on the PayPal screen.


If this pricing model proves successful it may be expanded later to the entire archive for all non-commercial uses – including editorial publication.

You can contribute further by sharing this post on your own blogs and social media to help spread the word.


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