Urban and Environmental Images of Glasgow and London

Dunmaglas Photography focuses (no pun intended) on the urban environment, architecture and environmental issues as well as capturing the co-existence of nature with the built environment.

The business was established in 2008 by Glasgow Photographer Iain McGillivray and is named after Dunmaglas in Inverness-shire, Scotland – the historic seat (and also the battle-cry) of the Clan MacGillivray. A graduate chemist, Iain has previously worked in industrial quality control, process development and in web development before taking up photography as a vocation.

The photography on this site aims to capture views of the world around us, particularly the built environment and changing landscape.

The city is a living breathing entity. There is much more to it that concrete, tall buildings and narrow streets. Havens for wildlife are found throughout the city. Pockets of nature that if composed in the right way can appear to be in the middle of nowhere with nothing that alludes to the sprawl that surrounds them – a river, a park, a group of trees. In the city there is always something to fascinate and inspire – the hidden, the unexpected


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Iain, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. We’re looking forward to exploring yours…a site named after a clan battlecry–how cool is that?! If you’re on facebook please take a look at the RAXA Collective page. See you there!

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